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15 Years of KidSpirit

In honor of KidSpirit's fifteenth anniversary, we are proud to release 15 Years of KidSpirit, a 250-page full-color print anthology of the most
insightful and inspirational work from the last fifteen years. Copies are available for purchase here, and the deluxe edition is available on Amazon.

This volume begins with 32 award-winning pieces from the 2022 KidSpirit Awards, which were selected by KidSpirit’s network of editors around the world. From articles and artwork to poetry, 15 Years of KidSpirit features extraordinary work from our community from across the United States, as well as Australia, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, China, Haiti, Ukraine, Paraguay and elsewhere. The book also includes award-winning articles from renowned adult writers and thinkers featured in KidSpirit’s PerSpectives column, including Nobel Peace Laureate, Leymah Gbowee, Budhist meditation teacher, Lama Surya Das, and computational neuroscientist, Dr. Anil Seth.

From the creative exploration of topics that particularly impact teens, to inquiry on the questions that affect us all, 15 Years of KidSpirit offers a window into the lives of young people both near and far.

Here is a sampling of acclaim for 15 Years of KidSpirit:

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“It’s simply amazing what goes on in the minds of young people today. They are ultimately deep thinkers, full of profound ideas and thoughts that will one day transform the world. Perhaps their ideas and thoughts are already transforming the world, as highlighted in 15 Years of KidSpirit. . . [the book] not only promotes the youth-led community-building power of KidSpirit, but also challenges these young people to consider some of the big questions we all face in life today . . . This is a remarkable achievement and presentation that will open the minds of all people around the world, not just the young.” –Emily-Jane Hills Orford

“This book is beautiful, touching, and inspiring. The wisdom of these kid authors—and their ability to find beauty and grace in the world around them—took my breath away. I cannot wait to read and reread the essays in this book to my children!" – Emily Esfahani Smith, author of international bestseller, The Power of Meaning

“Whoever said ‘Wisdom comes with age’ hasn't read 15 Years of KidSpirit. They should. In fact we all should. I would go so far as to say we should bookmark it on all our digital devices and dip into it each day. I could meditate on the beautiful artwork for hours, or let the poems and articles from teenagers from around the world open my eyes to insights into love, life and longing that my 60 years failed to see.” – Nick Stuart, former CEO of Transform Films and Odyssey Impact

“Reading these inspiring literary works gives me so much more hope for the future! KidSprit’s mission, embodied in this beautiful collection, is a testament to the power of focusing on our commonalities rather than our differences—something I think we can all agree is needed today more than ever.” – Sherrie Westin, President of Sesame Workshop

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