KidSpirit Workshops and Events

KidSpirit offers a variety of unique programming, events and partnerships for its youth-led community. Read about our Online Workshops Program below, and click through the menu to the left to learn more about The Belonging Project and KidSpirit’s partnership with Unity Productions Foundation through the Unfold Your Own Myth program. Also, learn more about the Global Summit and KidSpirit Awards, and the KidSpirit Benefit, all of which are held annually in New York City.

KidSpirit Online Workshops

KidSpirit Online Workshops provide an important outlet for teens to connect with their peers and create community across the globe. We offer three distinct experiences to our international network of youth:

KidSpirit Connect dialogue sessions allow participants to exchange perspectives and explore topics important to them through discussions around a “big question.” KidSpirit staff provide prompts, facilitate the conversation and create a supportive environment for meaningful exchanges to emerge from diverse groups of youth participants.

During Editing Workshops, participants work together on teen-created writing involving myriad KidSpirit themes, including ethics, resilience, fear and anxiety, education, fulfillment, and other topics important to teens. The workshops not only provide the opportunity for teens to collaboratively discuss and prepare articles submitted to the magazine, but also build critical thinking, writing, editing, and time management skills.

Finally, The Belonging Project gives KidSpirit youth around the world the chance to create a future of equity, inclusion and thriving based on true understanding and authentic community. Cohorts of kids from many backgrounds connect online regularly over the course of three months. Each cohort gets to know each other and ultimately co-creates a project of their choice, whether through poetry, artwork, video or expository writing. To learn more, and experience their inspiring work, explore “The Belonging Project” on the left-hand menu.