Impact & Recognition

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Has published over 60 issues on youth-chosen themes since its founding in 2007

Has worked with hundreds of writers, editors, and artists from 35 countries

Currently serves about 220 editors and 70 independent contributors from 18 US states and 20 other countries each year

Reaches about 250,000 readers from 220 countries each year, plus many more through syndication

Is associated with the United Nations through both the Department of Global Communications and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

In 2022, we surveyed all editors and found that KidSpirit significantly impacts several aspects of their personal and social development:

"KidSpirit has made me more open to all ideas and made me a much better listener."

"KidSpirit's international network has broadened my understanding of young adult experience around the world."

"Because of KidSpirit, I've become far more interested in exploring difference and innovative ideas, and creating dialogues that bridge lines that divide us."

"The KidSpirit experience has taught me to think deeply about the opinions of others, even those I don't agree with."

"KidSpirit has taught me to listen to others and try and understand their background/story before making assumptions. This is particularly important because it is not something we usually learn in school, which is so isolated with so few backgrounds and so little diversity of opinion."

"KidSpirit has exposed me to more diversity of thought than any other opportunity I've had in high school. I've had my perspective of the world broadened and challenged."

"Overall through KidSpirit I have become a much more globally aware person!"

"It helps me understand the world around me, bit by bit."

"Such diverse interaction is necessary, but platforms for this are lacking, especially in my local community."

"What could be better than getting a platform to share your views with others around the world?"

"KidSpirit allows me to be creative and gives me the confidence that my ideas and experiences are heard by a diverse audience."

"KidSpirit has also helped me gain confidence in my own voice and experience."

"Through different forms of expression, teens can share their feelings with people all over the world, which makes us feel seen and heard by our community and those outside it."

"In a world where kids are told that their opinions do not matter as they are too young, KidSpirit does the complete opposite and gives them a voice. This is why I believe it empowers young minds to express themselves."

"I find it important that the writing/editing process is primarily controlled by teen editors, which I think makes KidSpirit articles more accessible to younger audiences."

"KidSpirit feels like a very welcoming, safe platform for kids to voice their opinions."

"I feel as if I'm a part of something bigger."

"The whole KidSpirit process is crucially beneficial to the improvement of our writing skills, while is full of fun."

"KidSpirit has helped me grow tremendously as a reader, writer, and editor."

"I used to find writing anything, be it a school assignment or a letter to somebody, a big struggle. I could never find the right things to say, and even when I finished the piece, I felt it didn't capture what I was truly trying to say. I joined KidSpirit to improve my skills, and since then I've seen a great improvement and English has even become my favorite class."

"KidSpirit encourages me to think more, which ultimately helps me in building my ideas for writing."

"The caliber of writing/writing criticism here is pretty unparalleled, and that's so valuable as a learning experience."

"I have learned to love writing more."

"I'm a lot more comfortable receiving feedback from my peers. Also, I think I've improved a lot in giving verbal feedback to my peers."

"Working with my editorial board has helped me hone my leadership and teamwork skills."

"KidSpirit helped me become more open to constructive criticism from someone whose writing style is completely different from mine."

"Working with KidSpirit has helped me learn to be professional, collaborative, and flexible."

"KidSpirit has helped me develop better organizational skills, especially checking email."

"Persistence is one of the skills I have built, because as an author, I need to be persistent and keep on writing."

"The KidSpirit community has facilitated my overall growth and helped me develop as an individual. Today, I understand people from other communities and interests and try to exchange my ideas with them."

"I have learned how to enhance my thoughts and ideas in a more expressive manner and venture into new beliefs that I know I wouldn’t have previously looked into."

"KidSpirit has made me more imaginative and helped me to have a productive and healthy mind."

Awards and Recognition

In over 15 years of publication, KidSpirit has garnered recognition and received over a dozen awards from a rare combination of parenting, educational, and journalistic organizations, including:

Award of Excellence (RCC, 2024)

Wilbur Award for Youth Books (RCC, 2020, 2017, 2015, and 2012)

S&P Book Award (S&P, 2018)

Magazine Overall Excellence, First Place (RNA, 2016)

Wilbur Award for Online Magazine Articles (RCC, 2014)

Parents' Choice Recommended, Magazines (2013)

Parents' Choice Approved, Websites (2012)

2012 Hours Against Hate (Odyssey Networks, 2012)

Magazine Story Layout and Design of the Year (RNA, 2012)

Distinguished Achievement Awards, Finalist (AEP, 2012)

Golden Lamp Awards, Finalist (AEP, 2011)

Mom's Choice Awards, Gold (2010)

National Parenting Publications Awards, Gold/Top Pick (2008)

KidSpirit has also been recommended by Common Sense Media, the New York Public Library, Family Circle, and School Library Journal. Several contributors have been awarded Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for pieces originally published in KidSpirit.