Dreaming On

Avishi GurnaniSeptember 7, 2022Who Am I?Poetry

Artwork by Arina Stetsiuk, age 13

I wanted to do this and that
To myself, a challenge I gave
My own path I would pave
Exercise, be healthy and fit
Study regularly with grit
Paint, sing, master chess
Practice piano, learn Spanish,
Make a yummylicious dish
I had goals, a long list you see
But I have something more important to me
My little brother; "naughty" his second name
Spending time with him was also my aim
My teachers and friends brought a smile
Video calls gave us the way in style
My school’s symbols come to mind
Integrity made me determined
Love made me stay happy inside
Resilience, self-discipline made me take change in stride
I hope people are well soon
We need a miracle boon
I learned a few things along the way
While traveling and exploring had their day
This was the time to do things unique
"Adios" as they say in Spanish speak

Avishi Gurnani is a 12-year-old student at New Town Primary School in Singapore. She has published three books of her own, and is always poking around for new platforms to express her passion for writing.