The Storm that Sets Us Free

Maximiliano ZapataMay 10, 2023Violence and HealingPoetry

Like a storm that rages on the sea,

Violence strikes without mercy or plea, Leaving scars that never quite fade,

And wounds that ache, an eternal trade.

But amidst the darkness and despair, A glimmer of hope shines through the air, For healing is a journey we can take,

To mend the wounds that violence did make.

It starts with acknowledging the pain, And the courage to seek help again,
To stand tall and strong, to speak out, To break the silence, to scream and shout.

For healing is a process of the heart, A transformation that sets us apart,
From the violence that once tore us down, To a place where love and peace abound.

And though the road may be long and steep, And at times we may falter and weep,
We hold on to the promise of a new day,

Where violence fades, and healing finds its way.

For healing is not just about the past, It's about the present, and making it last, It's about the future, and what we can be,

When we choose love and let healing set us free.

Maximiliano Zapata is an elementary school student from San Pablo, California.