Perhaps Another Day

Audrey LiuMay 25, 2022Time and SpacePoetry

Perhaps another day I can be younger,
Ride on my bike,
Ride down the slide,
Be anything I want to be.

You smile at me,
I smile back,
Both of us not knowing,
That this would not last.

Now I stay in my room,
Locked in the place I call home,
Perhaps another day I can be younger.

My mind wanders
To mysterious things.
My eyes snap back,
To my reality.

My bike rusty,
The slide has no life,
I close my eyes,
And see you smiling back at me.

Audrey Liu is 11 years old. She is in sixth grade and lives in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut. She is a hard working student and enjoys reading, writing, playing the flute, dancing, traveling, and getting together with her family and friends during her free time.