One With the Stars

Paisley CookeMarch 30, 2022Time and SpacePoetry

As a kid,
One can’t experience the world
With infinite knowledge
Instead, dreams that have swirled

Dreams that have swirled
Into an imagination of light
Light like the stars
That glow through the night

As nights fly by,
So does a life
At the blink of an eye,
Time cuts a childhood like a knife

Envy floods the child at the stars
With a heart that never felt love
Or never felt the warmth
That radiated from the stars above.

Distance from family
Can make a child become bait
To being trapped in their own space
But the stars will always wait

Gliding along the stars,
The child puts their faith in the sky
And wastes their never-ending childhood away
Wishing for some hope of a family to at least wish their life goodbye.

Paisley Cooke is a student at Robertson County School in Kentucky.