Across the Void

Jasmine XuMarch 16, 2022Time and SpacePoetry

Artwork by Jessica Denkins

Artwork by Jessica Denkins

Her blurry fingers caress
The years. The months.
Days. Minutes. Seconds.
Slipping. Sliding. Fading away
Down the cracks of the void.

Not enough.

I hold my breath and jump

Across the void
Only to realize
That I fall
She pulls me.
Inescapable. No escape. Nil.

O naivety! Spiteful ignorance!
You trick me — sly thing
To conquer the unconquerable
To outrun the inevitable —


Jasmine Xu is a Year 11 student in Australia. She is interested in philosophy, politics, debating, drama, and the arts. Moreover, she is always open to hearing different perspectives and enjoys thought-provoking and insightful discussions with other people.