What's Going Wrong?

Juan Vicente Espinola BenitezMay 2, 2018The Speed of NowPoetry

Life can fly away in a blink.
Rushing and not living.
Texting and not feeling.
Hanging out with friends but not chatting,
Working like crazy, not earning enough for vacation.
Family? Hanging in there,
And you? Good thanks!

Too busy to breath?
Or no time for a break?
People rushing daily, forgetting even to have a meal.
People spinning on a wheel of life
Not checking a clock.
Thinking about the future,
Working but not resting,
Dreaming but not reaching.
Walking by neighbors who have stopped in time
like posters on the wall.
Eventually asking, "What´s going wrong?"

Juan Vicente is a 17-year-old boy who loves reading books about adventure, playing sports, and listening to music. He is always worried about doing things well and helping others.