We, the Next Generation

Yash PatilMay 30, 2018The Speed of NowPoetry

Today's speed is the result of work done by people of yesteryear,
Now this is what the succeeding generations have to uphold and elevate!
Yes, we, the designers of the new age, are up for this responsibility
We will conceive and do the things that seem impossible today!
We are kids now, but after a few years, the planet will be in our hands,
We will develop the world beyond the present-day imagination
We are grateful to our elders for keeping us up to speed
And it’s time for us to work and earn your trust
As the succeeding generation we vow
To keep up the pace
For mankind and all creations in existence

We will make tomorrow by upgrading the technology of today
And also empower our successors' hands
We will customize the world in our unique way
And leave a legacy for the generations to come
That will be the gateway to the future!