The Little Things in Life

Nargis KachrumathurApril 18, 2018The Speed of NowPoetry

Artwork by Saara Thakker

You look, but don't see,

The opportunities that are free.

No money, no cost,

but what does that matter?

because these days everything is about the dollars.

New car, new phone, new product to sell,

new pic to post and the likes as well.

But do you ever look at the love and care,

that comes not from consumption,

and is extremely rare?

It's not a task, you have to achieve,

but simply an embrace,

of things that are free.

Like friendship and laughter,

secrets and time.

Time spent on loving the ones you hold dear,

for there is a little voice in your ear

that tells you to do so

but you just push it away,

and take a video in slow mo

then show all your friends,

and post it on Instagram with a caption that makes no sense.

And then come the likes and followers

who adore,

the you that is selfish and ready to ignore,

the little things in life

that will never come twice.

Our community is long gone,

as is the unity we once had,

we are all on our own,

our own players, alone.

That idea of a team has long decayed,

and now how will our mindsets be swayed?

For now we are addicted,

to things that have been inflicted

upon us by companies and apps,

brands and social media.

This gets quite tedious,

and monotonous, at that,

because we don't enjoy

the little things in life that we have.

So now, dear person,

put down the phone,

on which you're reading this teenager's poem.

You can choose to go be the person who cares,

who brings back the community,

and all things related to unity.

Or you can just press the home button,

then open Snapchat, and send streaks

to people just like you,

who have no care in the world

of enjoying and cherishing

the little things in life.

Nargis Kachrumathur is 11 years old. She is in grade 7 at Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India. Nargis loves reading, soccer, badminton, basketball, waveboarding, swimming, and theater arts (especially drama).