Niti MajethiaDecember 16, 2016The Soul of GenderPoetry

Girls are the nets weaved in the forests
the saudade of the trees touching
and twisting in glistening light
that is emanating from the gaps between the trees.
And boys are that gap, a creamy drizzle of star shine
dwelling under a universe light.
The women are the lavender dust from flowers pressed in books
and men are the books, pressing the flowers
entwined in the hair of the women
scrutinizing their beauty.

Gender is just a word,
when all the feathers connect to a wing.
and the wing flies,
gender is just a word
while the heart aches and the fire dies,
for we are all stars waiting to be connected,
a man to a woman, a woman to a man,
to breathe the forelsket
to feast on the forelsket.
We are all composed of water.
And long to flow across the shadows of an eclipsed God.
To breathe forelsket,
to seize forelsket.
Men are the mountains
and women are the mists.
We are all the peaks that can never truly be climbed
and we are equally tall,
we are equally tall.

We are forgotten stories,
swimming through the forelsket.
We are just men and women waiting to be loved.
We are like petals in spring
blooming in forelsket,
falling in love with the little things in life.
Gender is just a word,
we all trap butterflies underneath our soul’s breath.
We are all in love with the world
and each other
even the unloved,
we are all under forelsket.

Niti Majethia is 15 years old and lives in Mumbai, India. She has been writing poems since she was six. Her poems have been published many times in Robinage, a newspaper in India for children, in magazines in the United States, and have won a short story competition in Mumbai.