13 Ways to Free Yourself

Ashley LiuDecember 16, 2016The Soul of GenderPoetry

Jump off of the train
Catch the unfamiliar sounds
Of a new city
Smoky air packed with indistinct noises
Uncertainty mixed with excitement
Free yourself

Swim fiercely
Gasping for breath
Muscles flexing, stretching
Water splatters across your blurred vision
Determined to reach the shore
Free yourself

Party along the crowd
Empty coke bottles under the flashing lights
Hysterical shouts break out
Chemicals and adrenaline racing through your veins
Consciousness gradually fades
Free yourself

Tears emerge
Leaving crystal tracks on your cheeks
Suddenly uncontrollable
Alone in the suffocating darkness
Free yourself

Fingers glide across
The black-and-white keyboard
Ever so gracefully
Only the beauty of melody
Swarms between the passionate songs
Free yourself

Lie upon the dusty roof
Stare at the twinkling stars
A chilly breeze drives by
Remembering in the night
Free yourself

Trudge among the ancient trees
As the glowering sun vanishes beyond the flaming horizon
Autumn leaves
Fallen and dead
Awaiting another start
Free yourself

Intense anger explodes
As the front door slammed shut with a bang
Sick of all their ridiculous rules
No longer chained
Furious face dimly lit by the abandoned streetlamp
Free yourself

Giggles spilled out
Onto the laughter-stained maroon couch
Trembling with youthful happiness
Forgetting secrets and betrayal
Free yourself

Silence followed by your name
Cheers burst out
Brain lethargically registering the delightful truth
Then fist pumping into the air with triumph
Screaming as the shiny trophy found its owner
Free yourself

Hold his hand
Gaze into those gorgeous eyes
Unaware of the trickling raindrops splashed onto the sidewalk
Fearlessly dancing
Free yourself

Watch the kite
Soaring above the innocent clear sky
Chasing the swaying fragile strings
Carefree as a dove
Flying in the harmony of clouds
Free yourself

Climb onto the soft sheets
The faint smell of clean cotton merged gently with lavender
Exhaustion engulfed every nerve
Eyelids already closed
Free at last

Ashley Liu is a 14-year-old freshman from Houston, Texas. She enjoys reading, swimming, spending time with friends, and watching Wuthering Heights.