Tie My Hands and Pray

Rachel RomaineNovember 21, 2016The PsychePoetry

So yet another wave

Crashes down upon my stone heart,

Filling in the keyhole

Made for the hand of God.

In this sea of flame,

The sun is no longer visible

For the iridescent lights

Drown it away.

Though the moon is bright and cold,

It’s too small for me to see.

I am surrounded

By a harsh different life.

I’m yet another spark

With the others of glory,

With the others of hate,

I’m yet another spark

That detonates with delicacy.

She’s in the water,

I’m too burnt to reach out anymore.

I’d cripple and fall

Then drown below her.

I’m eaten, and she’s young,

I’d never see such a beautiful sight.

Little hearts are laughing,

Little hearts, little dreams.

I’m too big to fit inside.

I’m too big to sing along.

So yet another wave

Crashes down upon my stone heart.

A different kind of wave that fills the keyhole

That was made for the hand of God.

Though his strong hand,

Though his mighty presence,

He’ll depart that wave one day.

And just maybe I’ll see.