True Heroism

Umar BaigDecember 27, 2016The Heroic SpiritPoetry
True Heroism

Artwork by Merrell Hatton

All humans long for glory
and desire to be heroes.
They long for recognition,
recognition that feeds egos.

The ambitious human waits
patiently to be praised.
He commits noble actions,
hoping men will be amazed.

But a true hero does good,
Not for his self-esteem.
Nor does he do noble acts
to achieve his own dream.

A hero is a hero
for his love of life.
Heroes act for humanity,
in every form of strife.

Whether it be a petty issue
or a major cataclysm,
They will be there for you,
And that is true heroism.

My name is Umar Baig. I am from Frederick, Maryland, and a junior in high school. My favorite thing to do in life is spend time with my family and friends. In the future, I hope to study economics at the University of Pennsylvania.