Cheyenne WilliamsDecember 28, 2016The God IssuePoetry

My bubble of water began to gush

And away to the hospital my mommy had to rush.

Hearing the sound of the ambulance horn

I knew that I was going to be born.

Time was going by very fast

I knew my life would not last.

In the hospital my heartbeat was strong,

But it seemed to me that my heart would not last very long.

My mother still did not know

That it was going to be my time to go.

In the hospital I heard people rushing about,

I heard them say they had to get me out!

Through the tunnel I went towards the light,

Hoping that mommy will one day hold me tight.

Out I came as small as I am.

I fit in the palm of my daddy’s hand.

All I wanted to do was thrive,

But my body was too small to survive.

After my mother was in labor for many hours

God finally decided to give me my halo of flowers.

When Mommy had heard about me all she did was cry.

It wasn’t a miracle because I had just died.

This never happened to Mommy before

So she always asked, “Why God? Why me? What for?”

I wish I could ask why this must be.

Why did you have to take my life from me?

Even though I am dead my heart is still with my mother.

But since I am in heaven I am looking after my little sister and little brothers.

My name is Cheyenne Williams and I am currently a junior at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California. I love to write emotional poetry and enjoy playing basketball.