Nature's Music

Carter NohSeptember 13, 2018The Body in BalancePoetry
Artwork by Rebecca Brudner

The sun warms my face like a dear friend.

The grass feels cool on my back as I lay down.

The wind rustles the leaves of the trees,

And a bird chirps happily among them.

A bee floats by, droning lazily.

I hear voices of people enjoying a wonderful day.

The world is at peace, and Mother Nature silently conducts her orchestra.

A train blares nearby, and the peace is disturbed.

Mother Nature plays on, in a vain attempt to mend the silence.

Soon voices of people come, accompanied by the roar of traffic.

Nature’s beauty begins to fade as the troubles of the world

Push it out with anger and ignorant minds.

Mother Nature packs up her orchestra,

Waiting for night to fall, when peace will reign

With the shadows of night.

Carter Noh enjoys playing his saxophone, listening to music, and reading. He is 13 years old and currently attends Riverside Preparatory school in Oro Grande, CA.