Where to Sit?

Max LibmanSeptember 30, 2020Strength and InfluencePoetry

In the front by the teacher?
Near the exit at the theater?

By the end of the church pew?
Do I compromise my life for a view?

Where to sit in the concert hall?
How many more until they hear our call?

Frightened students listen to the gun sound
Ammunition round after round
Is our destiny fatally bound?

Families are scared to go to worship
As a mother weeps into her kerchief.

If it happens to me
Would I fight or flee?

From a loaded gun
How fast could I run?

Who will listen to our repeated cry?
Not even Congress as we testify.

Where next will the bullet hit?
As I think where to sit.

When he wrote this piece, Max Libman was an eighth-grade student at Countryside School in Champaign, Illinois. Max enjoys running cross country, playing on his school basketball team, and acting in and filming movies.