My Own Heroine

Brooklyn MontgomerySeptember 8, 2020Strength and InfluencePoetry
My Own Heroine

Artwork by Anahis Luna, age 16

Artwork by Anahis Luna, age 16

A small grimace
Maybe a step in the right direction
Everyone else is planning for world domination
I'm trying to be my own heroine
Trying to organize my thoughts
So that they don't get scattered like the rest of my emotions
I'm lost in this cycle of knowing what I want, but not knowing how to do it.

It's like climbing an endless mountain
And not knowing how far up it is
But knowing you want to get to the top

My weapons are my ideas
My confrontation is self-doubt
And the world's view of me.

Brooklyn Montgomery is a 12-year-old student at Seattle Girls’ School and enjoys singing, dancing and writing. She is proud to have written poems that speak to things that she has long wanted to make people aware about. When she has time to herself, she loves writing songs, as they help her express her emotions and make her feel valuable.