I Don't Need This

Satya ShawDecember 3, 2020Strength and InfluencePoetry
I Don't Need This

I don’t need a friend who laughs when I confide in them about a crush
     I’m good enough.
I don’t need a friend who applauds when I eat salad for lunch
     I’m not fat. I may not be skinny either but that doesn’t mean that your shallow ideas of
     “cute” or “hot” apply to me.
I don’t need a friend who says a game of BS is a metaphor for my weight.
     News flash — it’s not.
I don’t need a friend who takes advantage of my open arms, drowns me with their problems which I happily listen to, but is never there for me when I need the same treatment.

I need a friend who puts their all into our relationship
I need a friend who I can trust fully.
I need a friend who gives their shoulder for me to cry on.
I need a friend who lets me laugh along with them.
I need a friend who loves me as much as I love them.

But I’m strong.
Stronger than you will ever be
If you keep shooting everyone down.

It’s ok to be wrong
And it’s ok to be sad.
Everyone is a bit sad
All the time.

You need to understand
You don’t make my world turn.
I can function without you.
But I don’t want to.
You are a huge part of my life
Someone I want to be
To call my friend.

But whether I can
Is up to you.

So this is me
Asking you,
To change
Not a lot,
Just enough
To make me
Want to stay.

Satya Shaw is an eighth-grader at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, New York. He loves to read, sing, and hang out with his friends. His dream is to become an actor.