A Pianist’s Story

Anoushka PanganamamulaNovember 18, 2020Strength and InfluencePoetry

Cherry blossom fields
     Encompass my vision
As the rustles of the trees around me
     Roar in my ears
Pink petals begin to taint the night sky
     Swirling in haunting harmony
I gaze up at the stars above
     And run my glassy fingers along the constellations
          Hoping they will give me the strength
               To find the melody
                    But instead

                         I become lost.

As I feel my fingers
     Crawl over the piano
          Begging it to sing to me
I catch shadows flickering
     Against the back door
          Faded silhouettes of pearly droplets
               Explode across the sky
                    And I feel the song

Begin once more

Anoushka Panganamamula is a 12th grade student from Hilliard, Ohio, who is interested in creative writing, piano, violin, biology, and astronomy. She also enjoys volunteering, cooking, traveling, mystery movies and books, and meeting new people.