What the Future Holds

Brynn ThurberAugust 15, 2018Storytelling and NarrativeFeatures

10 years old

Candles bordered her chocolate cake, with pink frosting spelling out “Happy Birthday Abigail.” She smiled, surrounded by all of her loved ones. As 10 brought double digits, she hoped for new friends, and even more fun. Summer started and she spent nights with friends after fun-filled days of hot weather and pool parties. She held secrets and plans for next year, and looked forward to future get-togethers. She loved her peers, who supported her and loved her, too. So she grew with beauty and maturity. Filled like a bottle topped off with happiness because she was content with her life and herself.

15 years old

Five years passed, and she blossomed into a young lady, trusted by her parents to be responsible and good at handling herself. Her friends asked her to keep secrets, and she did. She was the best friend that they all turned to in rough times. She was a leader, confident and proud to be a part of the group. She went out to parties on Fridays, sleeping in late on Saturdays. Waking up and spending the day with family because she loved them so much. She improved their lives in every way. Since she was in high school now, she strived to get good grades. Achieving high marks was her priority, besides still having fun as a kid.

17 years old

Her hair pulled into a messy bun so she could read the school letter about finals and grading. Her last trimester forms were filled out. Graduation was so close she could taste the banana cream pie she was promised after the final person had stepped off the stage. Studying was top priority for her -- no more fooling around, she had to focus. Friends understood because they, too, were excited to become independent women. And of course the boys she liked would have to wait till after the school year. The one she currently had an eye for, whom she had liked since 8th grade, was named Sebastian, with cute-cut hair that was black as a panther’s pelt. Light blue eyes made for a match that she couldn’t resist. And he spoke to her often. But, he had to wait.

19 years old

Graduated and collected, she prepared for college with her friends, Sebastian folding her shirt and placing it into her suitcase. They all were laughing and preparing for the four-hour ride to their college. She had once promised them that they would all be together for as long as possible. So getting into the same college was ideal, as they would be in similar classes most of the time. And Sebastian was moving away for a few years to study his own line of work. They had become close over the year, and she cried as he told her they wouldn’t see each other for a long time. But they promised to keep in touch. Promises which they planned to keep till it happened. Writing had always been a hobby. But she wanted to look into it as a career more now than ever. She sat in her light blue room that reflected images of the ocean, then stood up, walked over to her neatly organized white desk, and picked up some paper. Grabbing a pencil, she sat down again on her black rug and started with the words, “Once upon a time.”

23 years old

College was over. She was now an adult on her own, out to discover her own path. Stepping onto the bus, she heard a yell. Her name. And turning around quickly, she saw Sebastian running up to the bus holding roses. She flung herself into his arms. His muscles relaxed even though they hadn’t spoken in a month. They had realized that they loved each other over the course of their time apart. They never said it, but deep down they knew. And he drove her back to her home, where she was greeted by her family and friends as they celebrated her graduation with a small party that lasted till nearly midnight. The next morning she woke up to a note on her bed. From Sebastian. It read, “I love you.” And with a smile now beaming on her face, she held it and pinned it on her wall. She called him instantly and returned the words, because she loved him, too. She really did.

Her writing took her far. And Sebastian stuck with her throughout it all. Sometimes she would cry, writing about her imaginary world. She would scroll beautiful words into the stories of small town girls, young men looking for love, and adventures she hoped to embark on someday. She loved to read, too, and used her favorite author, Natasha Friend, as a true inspiration.

25 years old

Sebastian knelt down, holding her hand as everyone else around stopped to stare. He pulled out a small red velvet box and opened it to reveal a blue diamond ring that reflected light and beamed a gorgeous color. Tears streamed down her face, and his eyes squinted as he smiled brightly up at her gorgeous complexion. Her mind flashed back to all the time they spent together. Her eyes filled with more tears and she thought about the late nights when she stayed up writing, with Sebastian right by her side, listening to every word. She remembered the way he treated her, with care and respect. His eyes gleamed with the sign of tears, and she could tell he was thinking the same thoughts about her. So she said yes.

30 years old

Abigail grabbed her yellow raincoat, picked up her boots, and opened the door.

“Are you ready Jenna?” she said. The rain pattered against her boot, which was already out the door, as she grinned down at Jenna, her two-year-old daughter. Jenna smiled up at Abigail, her rain hat half falling off and her rain boots finally on the right feet. She hopped up off the rug and hobbled out the door, Abigail following with a small umbrella, as the puddles called their names. Jenna splashed in the water, giggling with delight, and Abigail joined her gladly, thinking back to when she used to do this with her mom.

Suddenly, a red car pulled into the driveway, stopped, and the car door opened. Out stepped Sebastian with a camouflage coat and big rain boots. He walked over and smiled at his two girls; he loved them so much. They all got their happily ever after. And they loved until their last breaths. Till that very last moment when they breathed in the air and exhaled their problems.

But none of that ever happened. It started in seventh grade, with a text. That night was the start of many, open eyes watering at the words that scrolled across her screen. And as she got to eighth grade she was full of the bullying and names and all the sadness that had formed inside her. She never got her happily ever after. All because of that one short text: “You are so ugly.”

Brynn Thurber is an eighth grader from Yarmouth, Maine.