April 6, 2006

Jianyi ZhangJuly 25, 2018Storytelling and NarrativePoetry

I was born on April 6, 2006,
a Thursday, and the 96th day of the year.
I was delivered at the Hospital of Qingdao.
Now my birthplace is halfway across the blue planet from me.

I was born into a family
where culture is important.
We celebrate holidays like
New Years, the Autumn Festival, and the Lantern Festival.
My mom made me and my brother
eat soy steamed fish on New Years for good luck,
and wear red for fortune.

I was born into a world
where events separate us
or make us become one.
Public shootings,
border issues,
these things alienate us from society.
On the other hand,
events like the Olympics make us united
and make us

I was born along with all other people.
We are all like kaleidoscopes,
always changing with each turn,
never the same.
That is what makes us unique
and beautiful.

Jianyi Zhang is a sixth grader who lives in Houston, Texas. He likes playing golf and the violin. In his free time he likes to read, play games, breathe, and dab.