The Splendor of Spring

Alisha AmjadMarch 27, 2019Society and the IndividualPoetry

Winter leaves, taking my worries with it
The now sunny mornings lift up my spirit
I say goodbye to the despondent mornings
No dismal fog that creeps in without a warning
I feel the rays of the bright sun beaming
It puts me into a state of dreaming
The new buds sway to the light breeze
I suddenly feel my heart is at ease
I see the first blossoms of the white mulberry
Blooming, dancing, prancing, carefree

The day grows longer, more time to admire all that grows
I patiently wait for the moon and its glow
Once the sun sets I stare up at the glistening stars

Longing to touch them from afar
I head inside as my mother is calling
Whispering goodnight as night is falling

Alisha Amjad is in the seventh grade. She attends Lahore Grammar School in Lahore, Pakistan. Alisha is involved in Model United Nations and her school choir.