A Dance between Me and Society

David FalesMay 22, 2019Society and the IndividualPoetry

I feel like I am being watched
Every step I take, they are judging my choices
They are breathing down my neck
They are scrutinizing my every move
Paranoia escalates
I don’t know why I feel like I am being watched

Then I realize I just posted on my Instagram page

It feels like when I bring Society into my existence it never turns out right
They always say there is something wrong with my picture
They say the clothes I love are disgusting
The way I wear my hair is disgusting

The picture I see is perfect, but to everyone else
It is just another piece of trash that has been thrown on to the sidewalk never to be seen again

Sometimes it feels like you can never please the terrible world
Called Instagram or Snapchat
Or anything else that has people posting about how great their lives are
As others respond with a like or hateful comment.

When they say,
This is my Facebook
This is my Instagram
This is my story
They really mean
This is my life so that society can either hate or love

I feel pain running through me
I conceal my hate, and I fix it
With a little thing called a filter because
My face, my life is not good enough
For the society that reigns above

My life revolves around what I look like and what I do for society
It is a dance between me and society
You make all the right steps and they love you
But screw up once and they will think you are nothing

I feel like I am not myself when I post something that doesn’t look like me at all
Because the problem is . . . is it me or what society wants me to be?

David Fales is in the seventh grade at St. Mary's Academy in Denver, Colorado. David is interested in social issues and current affairs and enjoys writing for fun, especially poetry.