Priceless Smiles

Pakeeza MushtaqApril 5, 2017Simplicity and ComplexityPoetry

I bought everything I ever wanted
I earned a lot to live a luxurious life
I had a huge house, decorated with priceless things
The poor begged me for food
But the greed of money always made me refuse
I watched them sleep on the sidewalk
As I slept on my comfortable bed

But there was something missing that never let me sleep a relaxing night
I could never understand why God gave me so much
I always ignored the needy people with my selfish heart
The power of money never let me realize my mistake

As I started searching the whole world for something to disperse the sadness in my heart
I thought, “There is something wrong I can’t understand”
As if I missed a step while running on a path for so long

I wondered if a morning walk could give me that answer
I could hear the birds, I could hear them for real
The smile of that poor child sitting there was even brighter than mine
He had nothing in his hand but his eyes were filled with shine
In all that silence I could hear his tummy’s growl
But he had a faith that his God wouldn’t let him die of hunger

I shared what I had, he accepted with all of his heart
Questions were popping in my mind but his innocent face answered them all from the start
His thankful hands gave me what had been lost for years
His pretty smile rid me of all those tears
I was finding happiness
I was finding peace
in all those things that shine like gold, but are made of concrete

Happiness had a connection with smiles, which I forgot in all that greed
“Money can’t buy happiness,” now I understood that for sure
My helping hands let my ears escape from hearing that avarice roar
My bed was softer, my pillow more light
After wasting all those years, I finally had a peaceful night

Pakeeza Mushtaq lives in Islamabad, Pakistan, and recently finished her 10th grade exams. She loves writing poetry about aspects of life that explain reality and the mistakes we make without noticing them.