You'll Hear It

Olga Phaedra PouppisJanuary 7, 2021SilencePoetry

Artwork by Krupa Joshi, age 16

Photograph by Krupa Joshi, age 16

If you go deep in the forest,
If you lay on the grass and feel it’s smell,
If you don’t see the sky above the leaves,
If you’re alone but not lonely,
You’ll hear it.

If you climb up the deadly cliff,
Where there is no life,
Where you don’t know if you’re dead or alive,
If you reach the edge of the cliff,
And glance at the sun,
You’ll hear it.

If you find a cave near the sea,
Where the walls smell like salt,
And the floor is full of seaweed,
If you don’t go to discover it,
But lean against the wall and look at the waves,
You’ll hear it.

If you escape reality,
If you forget yourself,
If you see places where no one has been,
Face the grass in the forest,
Sing with the wind on the edge of the cliff,
Hear the song of the waves standing in the cave,
If you close your eyes,
You’ll hear it.

The silence.

Olga Phaedra Pouppis is a 12-year-old girl who was born in Moscow, Russia, and who lives in Limassol, Cyprus, with her family and dog. She likes nature, chocolate, and Harry Potter. In her free time in between her lessons and studies, she is usually reading or resting by the sea, or doing both at once. When she grows up she wants to become a journalist, writer, and activist.