Winter Fun

Polina UsenkoJanuary 20, 2021SilencePoetry

Artwork by Nikita Zinoviev, age 13

Photograph by Nikita Zinoviev

All the seasons are special and great,
But for winter I cannot wait!
It's my favourite time of the year
When everybody is honest and fair.

Christmastime changes people all around
When they pray and kneel down on the ground.
They ask forgiveness of the Lord
With Him all humans feel the chord.

The falling snow makes me cheer up
When I drink a hot tea cup
Covered in a warm woolen blanket
With my closest friends having a little banquet.

Winter silence helps us rest
When all the family gathers for a feast:
We cook lots of dishes together
And nobody cares about the weather.

Let's all dance and follow the beat,
Not only drinks and everything to eat.
It's always fun to meet in the street
Make snowmen and snowballs, isn't it sweet?

Polina Usenko is in eighth grade and lives in Kiev, Ukraine with her parents, two canaries, and her dog, Richy. When she has free time, she likes reading books, dancing, playing with her dog, taking photos, and writing poems. Her friends are very positive people and she enjoys spending time with them.