A Review of A Quiet Place

Lucca CarlevariniJanuary 13, 2021SilenceMedia
A Review of A Quiet Place

In A Quiet Place, a horror movie with blood, gore, and death, the world is forced to be silent. If humans do not obey, they will lose their lives.

During the entire film, there is a fear of making any noise at all. The plot is about a family of five, with a baby on the way, living in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters who kill anything that makes a decent amount of sound. The monsters themselves are larger than humans: scary, alien-like creatures who have a protective shell and only have ears and a mouth on their head. Plus, they are blind. The monsters can hear sounds from miles away. The monsters are only shown killing or searching for humans who have broken silence.

The story is about a family forced to make hard decisions and see people lose their lives because of the monsters. The movie's main characters are made up of a husband/father named Lee (John Krasinski), a pregnant wife/mother named Evelyn (Emily Blunt), a daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds), who is deaf, and two sons, Marcus (Noah Jupe) and Beau (Cade Woodward). Throughout the entire film, the family deals with countless normal issues at home but also with horrible monsters living amongst them. One of the children is very young, about five or six years old; because of their environment, he can never cry or play with loud toys, like an average child his age. With a new baby on the way, the parents have to make elaborate preparations for a naturally loud infant incapable of being quiet when asked. What will happen when the parents leave their shelter for food and needed supplies with a newborn? A baby that is spontaneously noisy is very dangerous in their world.

A Quiet Place is a very enjoyable film. I would recommend it, and give it four out of five stars. I feel the movie is quite well-written. However, I felt it has a few disconnects in that the piece is quite cliche because of its predictability throughout. For example, before characters die, it becomes obvious, so you already know what will happen in the next scene. The writers could have added more suspense, but they ended up producing the movie in a way that made it obvious. This takes away from the scare factor. In addition, because all humans have to be quiet, when there is a sound, the viewer knows something bad will happen.

I did, however, enjoy the way that the filmmakers use the family members' different perceptions of the audio; it is quite unique and interesting. For example, the oldest sibling is deaf, so when the viewer hears what she hears instead of the normal audio, the sound portrayed is white noise. It creates a very heavy effect, and it helps put the viewer in each character's shoes. It draws the audience in. Another example of this is when they change the lighting to be the same color as the water, dark red; it seems that the water is blood. It connects what is going on in the scene and has a more substantial effect.

A Quiet Place represents what it's like to be human with faults. Even though the family is living in a post-apocalyptic world, they still have the same family values and hardships that many families have today. For example, during the film, the oldest sister and the father fight because she doesn't feel he trusts and loves her as much as her brother. When the entire family is suffering from a loss, they all cope differently, and it takes a big event to reconnect afterward. Many people have had a hard time with loss, and on many occasions, family is the only thing we can turn to. Even when there is chaos, and everything is crumbling around Lee and Evelyn, they put headphones on and dance together romantically, slowly, and carefully so as not to make a sound. Moments like these are exactly what people need, just like you and me.

In A Quiet Place, humans are living with monsters that will kill if you make a sound. In current events, people have been fighting for their voices and a right to be heard, like the Black Lives Matter movement or the Me Too movement. People who want to suppress these voices are like the monsters. The monsters in A Quiet Place are controlling people and instilling fear, so everything, especially the humans, is silent.

A Quiet Place is a well-written, beautifully produced movie. It shows how hard it is for humans to be silent. It pulls on your heartstrings and is incredibly exciting, all while being almost completely silent. It shows our many hardships as humans today in a literal and stimulating way. The reason I gave this film a four-star rating is because I wasn't scared during the entire movie. However, you as the viewer may feel differently. Even though there were jump scares and suspense during the movie, the family-friendly aspects of the movie overshadowed the scary aspects. I do want to mention the animation of the monsters looks incredibly real and creepy. The producer and director definitely made the story as realistic and relatable as possible. I found the movie to be really entertaining, so I would recommend it.

"I think silence is one of the failures of people today. When they see an injustice or intolerance, and they stay silent — that's the worst thing." -Anonymous

Lucca Carlevarini is 12 years of age and lives in New York City. In her free time, she likes to read, create experiments, and do tons of art. Lucca’s dream is to try to help save the world from itself and become an aerospace engineer and is in a band.