The Feast

Carter NohSeptember 13, 2018Rituals and TraditionsPoetry
Artwork by Charlie Calder

Welcome to the feast, the feast!

The food is piled high

People come from everywhere

And that is not a lie!

Oh, we’ve got fresh fruit salad

And a great big cherry pie

When I see that apple cider

My mouth will not stay dry!

Pass that bowl of pudding

Make sure it doesn’t fall

Cut me a slice, that cheese should suffice

Today we’ll have a ball!

Fresh baked apple turnover

Will put me in a spell

When making those stuffed mushrooms

The cook sure does excel!

Now that night has fallen

The time has come to leave

Farewell to the feast, the feast

On this fine New Year’s Eve.

Carter Noh enjoys playing his saxophone, listening to music, and reading. He is 13 years old and currently attends Riverside Preparatory school in Oro Grande, CA.