Where Do I Live?

Debora SamudioJanuary 10, 2019Reality and PerceptionPoetry

I live where everybody appreciates everything
Except when you achieve something better than them
I live where people don’t see what you did
Except when you did something wrong to them

I live where politicians have enough to eat
While a little boy drowns for some fish
I live where people do things only for doing them
And it doesn’t matter how they’re handed in

I live where young people want to have good friends
But they don’t try to be a good one
I live where a lot of people see our reality
And are trying to change it

I would like to live where everybody can think
Can talk and do more things
Things that would help us to grow up

Debora Samudio is a 17-year-old from Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay. She enjoys reading articles and novels, as well as writing essays.