The Perfect Tree

Jianyi ZhangDecember 3, 2018Reality and PerceptionPoetry

I opened my eyes to a shadowy forest.
Bugs were everywhere, feasting away at the rotten logs.
The contorted trees were towering over the young saplings on the ground.
The air smelled of decaying plants and mud.

I wandered around and came across a particularly perfect tree.
I could see every detail, even through the dense smog.
Everything was geometric, symmetrical.
Not a leaf was misshapen, not a branch was misplaced.
The pieces of bark were perfect, congruent triangles,
overlapped in a meticulous pattern.

The tree seemed to call out my name.
I was drawn towards it like a magnet.
I hesitated for a while; this seemed too good to be real.

I decided to reach out to touch the tree.
But right before I laid my hands on it,
it vanished.

Jianyi Zhang is a sixth grader who lives in Houston, Texas. He likes playing golf and the violin. In his free time he likes to read, play games, breathe, and dab.