My Runaway Place

Renee YuFebruary 7, 2019Reality and PerceptionPoetry

I gazed peacefully at the sun kissing the sky
A rippling blue blanket dashed the sand
Emerald palm trees stood in rows
Each bow in obedience as the crisp, morning wind danced by

I ambled further, savoring the sea's sweet tunes
As I sat on the silky sand and closed my eyes, inhaling the salty perfume
Relaxing my nerves, I reflected on what was said
Beads of water trickled down, falling one after another, as I thought of what I had done
Sensing my misery, the sun awoke

She spoiled me and bathed me in her warm arms, banishing the icy wind away
I wiped my marble eyes and focused on the laughter of the waves, lost in thought
My eyes widened in realization
Running home, filled with hope, I knew I could make things right again

Renee Yu is a 14-year-old from Houston, Texas, who loves to paint, draw, and create basically any form of art. Renee is also a very social person who likes to meet new people and make new friends.