She Smiled

Eliza MooreOctober 26, 2016PowerPoetry
Photo by Vanita Sharma

The girl felt the power
Course through her fingertips.
It sent earthquakes
Up and down her spine,
And crashed
In cacophonies of sound
That scorched her ears.
She could do it.
She could change everything.
She watched him make his way
Down the hall,
Colors parting for him,
So that he left a trail
Of greys and blacks and whites,
Turning heads and
Unassuming eyes.
She took a deep breath,
And turned towards him
As he came.
She smiled,
And it lit him up
Like fireflies
And campfires
And suns that open the sky.

Eliza Moore, age 13, is an eighth grader who attends The Center for Creative Arts in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She loves reading, writing, and visiting the ocean.