Power Group Guide

Volume VIII, Number I

What does it mean to be brave in this world? In this issue of KidSpirit, our teen contributors consider such diverse topics as nobility and survival, friendships and education, as they investigate this complex theme. We invite you to think about your own relationship to power in the various roles you inhabit — whether as student, citizen, son or daughter, or friend — as you participate in these exercises.

1. Why do we seek power? In her Big Question article, writer Zoe Miller draws upon large-scale examples of power exchange, such as the struggle for civil rights and imbalances in international trade, in her response. Yet she begins with a much more common example: two kids in a fight. Whether kids or countries, Zoe writes, “If something involves people, it involves power.” Where in your life do you notice power playing a prominent role? How do you feel about these interactions? What, if anything, would you like to change? How?

2. In her PerSpectives article “Harry Potter and the Magic to Remake the World,” filmmaker Valarie Kaur challenges readers to do the right thing. She acknowledges the difficulty of standing up for what you believe in but says, “The hot winds of the world cannot touch you if you protect that space in your heart that is filled with love.” What issues do you feel passionately about? How might you take a stand? How can you learn about the “special kind of magic dancing within you”? What steps can you take to protect your heart?

3. Grace Snarr writes about what her Mormon upbringing has taught her about the power of forgiveness in “Love’s Final Form,” an Interfaith Connections article. She tells a poignant personal story about fighting with and losing a one-time friend, an experience she struggles with until she finally realizes that “forgiveness feels better.” Think of a particularly difficult fight you have experienced. What happened? Did you resolve it together or apart? How did you move past the conflict? What emotions came up? How do you feel as you look back on it?