I Am a Passenger

Claire YouOctober 20, 2023Now and ThenPoetry

Artwork by Artur Zhuk

I am a passenger of life, both cursed and blessed
I’ll see the maple leaves in my backyard change colors
I’ll greet winter this year just like any other
But would I really

As each year passes, I am more free and shackled than ever
Afraid of time and afraid of what I’d lose to it
Now and then, I think of the past and the future
My 6-year-old self and the 20-year-old doing who knows what
I’d like to think that I have control over this car
That takes me down the highway of life
But realization passes occasionally
Leaving me to hold on tight and get ready
To fix the engine whenever it breaks down

So when I think about today, I think about the math homework I did
And the breezy weather
Reminiscing about yesterday, I smile at the memory of me laughing to a story
And to finish this incomplete phrase
For tomorrow, I hope the best for me and the world
Till now and then to next

Claire You is a 13-year-old student living in New Jersey. She takes great interest in both poetry and photography. She has been featured three times as a poet in different magazines, as well as been chosen as editor's pick for her photos.