The Protective Garden

Azucena Garcia BarriosMay 7, 2020NaturePoetry

In the garden I am
The soft green grass greets me
like a long lost friend.
Colorful flowers surround the fence,
protecting it from danger.
Hummingbirds race to the nectar
like if there were one flower left.
I am in the middle of the garden
not knowing what to do
I glance at the mother bird,
feeding her chicks
gaining inspiration from them
I question myself:

What is life?
The trees embrace my heart
to calm my loneliness and fears.
They hug me saying, “it's all right.”
Nature defends me like a mother
The sunrays blanket me
The winds rocks me
like a mother rocking her baby
I am full of thoughts
wondering about the future.
Will I get back home safe?
Will someone find me?
In the middle of nowhere

Azucena Garcia Barrios is an 11-year-old from San Pablo, California. She is interested in funny movies and graphic novels. She loves music, soccer, art,and dance. Azucena plays the violin and is teaching herself how to play piano. She has played violin since she was six, and piano since she was seven.