Peace of Mind

Abigail KestleMay 28, 2020NaturePoetry

Equipped with sunglasses and a life jacket
I rig my camp’s small sailboat.

Hooking up the sail,
attaching the tiller and rudder,
and checking all of the ropes and lines,
all with the help of Natalia and India.

Within minutes
we are zipping through the water.

And it’s a rocky start,
but we end up zipping through the water.

The wind whips through my hair,
as we sail through the cool, tranquil water.
The fresh air is intoxicating.

Empowered, I steer the boat
slowly and swiftly
moving the tiller side to side.

Our chatter fills the quiet air.

The boats are called in
too soon,
I could have stayed on the water all day,
with my mind at peace.

Abigail Kestle is an eighth grader who lives in Rolla, Missouri. She is an avid reader and writer. Abigail enjoys being outdoors and spending time in Michigan over the summer as well as playing with her dogs.