Ode to the Oaks

Camille RutterMarch 2, 2020NaturePoetry

Artwork by Krupa Joshi, age 16

Artwork by Krupa Joshi, age 16

All the oaks
Pure oxygen for the world to breathe

Fostering life,
Providing air for all in the world
With their rough brown bark, and smooth green leaves,
Sticking out on little twigs,
Acorns will drop,
Shoot roots out,
Send leaves to the surface
And start another tree
To provide air for all people,
And life on Earth.

I appreciate the oaks,
For they provide for all,
Not a select few,
Of the many beings on earth.

If not for the trees,
There wouldn’t be the fresh smell
of forest green air.

So I thank the trees
for all they do for me,
And all they will do,
In the future.

Camille Rutter is a sixth-grader at Lusher Charter School in New Orleans, Louisiana. She loves reading, writing, climbing trees, walking her dogs in the forest, and doing aerial arts.