Lyla ChearyMay 12, 2020NaturePoetry

Artwork by Brooklyn Butler

This piece is inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks' poem, "truth."

When the moon arises,
Should we come and greet her?
Should we go, run and hide?
Or shall we honor her?
Shall we celebrate her coming,
And mourn her sleep?

Though we celebrate the sun,
Prayed for his light,
All these years,
Should we have toasted the night?

What if we wake up,
To sun shining through the doors
Beating down moonlight
To bellow the floors?

Should we then run,
Far away from the blaze
Searching for moonlight
All through the haze?

Oh, but is it not pleasant
To run in the day
Seeing the future
But not too far in the bay?

The sun makes one eye open at night
Though the day brings on the light.

Lyla Rae Cheary, 13 years old, currently lives in New York City and attends middle school at East Community High. In her free time, Lyla loves to read, write poetry, bake, and after many years of persistently asking her parents to get her a dog, finally got one.