Hold Your Breath: The Force Awakens

Samarth JajooAugust 12, 2016Myth and MagicMedia

When The Force Awakens came out, a lot of my friends were talking about it in school. Not only that, I couldn’t even read the newspaper without noticing headlines which said that the movie was playing to full houses.

I really didn’t want to watch it before seeing the other six Star Wars films, but after some time I could no longer resist, relaxing into a theater chair with my family and, of course, a big bowl of popcorn. The title of the episode intrigued me because it seemed to symbolize a powerful message. It sounds like the dawn of a new era and an important turning point in the series.

Yes. The Force Awakens was my first Star Wars movie, and I loved it. It got me hooked on the Star Wars franchise. Within a week I had watched half of the saga.

The Force Awakens is the compelling new episode in the Star Wars saga. It is set to reboot the series with an engaging combination of myth and magic, suspense and tragedy. Seeing swirling spaceships at dizzying speeds and confronting spine-chilling magic leaves you breathless. Star Wars has been around since the 1970s and the same universe still exists. Watch The Force Awakens to find Luke Skywalker and learn about how a storm trooper almost saves the Galactic Republic in a thrilling adventure for the young and elderly alike!

The “force” plays a big part in this movie. The force is an aura — an energy field that binds the Star Wars universe together. It is formed from the energy in every living creature. Director J. J. Abrams uses it to its full potential to rekindle Star Wars. He turns the film into an experience with lots of twists and turns and no element of the plot predictable. The Star Wars series has always been mythical. This time the force makes it magical, too! This is because J. J. Abrams highlights the unexplained parts of the movie in order to build excitement. This magical role of the force kept me engrossed in the movie — sometimes with my hair standing on end.

The cinematography is surreal. I was left in awe and wonder because of the superb projection of the cosmos and galaxies. The spaceships look completely realistic. It actually felt as if I was watching the movie in 3D, even though I wasn’t. Jakku (one of the main planets depicted in this movie) is shown in a way that evokes old Star Wars memories of Tatooine (Luke Skywalker’s home planet). Jakku might be the new center of the Star Wars universe.

Andy Serkis, who plays Snoke, the Supreme Leader of the Dark Side, stands out as the most intense actor because of his deep and evil voice. He is seen for only five or ten minutes in the whole movie, but he left a huge impact on me; his evil voice can’t be forgotten. Daisy Ridley, the actress who plays Rey, is also exceptional in the way that she carries herself, projecting mental and spiritual strength. She is remarkably skilled at swinging a lightsaber, very confident and graceful. Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, became the actor and character fused into one. All of the droids were as cute as they have always been — especially BB-8. Perhaps someday I will learn to build an android.

The Force Awakens is a very emotional movie. More than the technical aspects, Star Wars is about belief. Just when all hope is lost, new paths suddenly emerge. Star Wars is like the saying “Faith, trust, and pixie dust” from Peter Pan. You can’t get anywhere in the Star Wars universe without belief and faith in the force. I think this is the most exciting Star Wars yet. Just take a look at the engaging storyline and you’ll agree with me. The movie ultimately is about a quest, though much of the story is still not very clear, especially at the end.

I feel the movie deserves 4.5 stars because I loved the plot, especially the twists in the tale, and the larger-than-life projection of Luke Skywalker (the camera rotates all around him). I’m omitting half a star because the movie left me with a feeling of incompleteness, though that did add to my inquisitiveness for the sequel. I was also expecting to see and hear a little more from Mark Hammil, the actor who plays Luke. The movie’s take on new weapons also seemed quite incomplete. There has been lots of criticism about Kylo’s tri-lightsaber, but that’s the only weapon in the movie that I liked. Other weapons and spaceships weren’t bad; it’s just that when you watch Star Wars, you expect to see new weapons and more advanced spaceships than in the previous episodes.

I don’t want to give away the story details, thus “spoiling” a surprise and robbing you of the suspense of this crazily engrossing film. Just know that the movie is a thrilling ride through a futuristic world. It makes you feel like our earth, or our universe for that matter, is minuscule. Sometimes the human mind feels the strong urge to traverse an unexplored path. After all, the fact that inexplicable things exist is what encourages us to make new discoveries.

So, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t hesitate! It’s sure to bring back old memories or even create new ones!

Samarth Jajoo is a seventh grader from Ahmedabad, India. He’s a programming enthusiast and solving problems is his best source of entertainment. When not coding, you’ll probably find him in school playing table tennis, or writing about something that triggers his imagination.