The Blue Landscape

Tanmaya MurthyDecember 30, 2016Money and ValuePoetry

Beholding the deep blue scenic marine
A mesmerizing sight Mother Nature yields
Tidal waves and ripples that lean
On the crystalline blue fields

The foamy water and its unusual melody
Magnetizes the true lovers of art
Palms and shells on minced sand, add to the medley
Nature’s portrait dwells in the admirer’s heart

Infinite depths with life and existence beneath
A plethora of marine life’s representatives
Ocean’s surface seems like a separating sheath
Between the water and the terra’s natives

The stony elevated path on which I sat
To look and drown in the seascape’s charisma
Both realization and belief the feelings I had
For words have no limits for such a panorama

Tanmaya Murthy is 19 and lives in New Delhi, India. She lives with her parents and younger brother who have always encouraged her to write. Her interests include reading thriller and mystery novels, theatre and dramatics, learning guitar, and creative writing. She has a zeal for poetry and editing. She is fond of creative collaborations and looks forward to working and interacting with budding writers and poets across the globe.