Love Should Conquer

Jawad MaayahMarch 2, 2022LovePoetry

I have been here long enough
To see that it is always tough
Here in this quiet cave
Everything is still, like a grave
Is it too much to ask for?
To find someone new,
Someone different and accepting
Who I can be devoted to
Is it me being too eager
Being too much of a loudspeaker?
All I hear are echoes
Of those who hide like geckos
Or is there something that I’m not seeing
A new definition of love that could be freeing
Maybe it’s more than just feelings for someone new
If I look at it like that, I’ll have a whole new view

Chasing this new light I discovered
There is a lot outside this cave to be uncovered
Love has infinite potential
Love is very essential
Love is in friendship
Love is in family
Love is the unconditional pour of emotion
To whatever you believe deserves your devotion
Love is what gives us motion
In this world of endless commotion

Love is truth
Love is our true nature
And love should conquer

Jawad Maayah is a 15-year-old from Madaba, Jordan. He is interested in art, painting, and writing.