Christmas and the Things It Brings

Tristin AllenDecember 23, 2021LovePoetry

Throughout the years Christmas was thought to bring joy;
Much like the people that would be together:
But now it is celebrated by those who only want a toy;
And how it would make some feel lonely forever.

By the Lord shall ye be led,
From those who may lead thou dismayed
For Christmas may be celebrated with a friend
And who will be with you till the end of day.

For the right one can warm the heart;
Instead of it being broken,
Can also bring together what once was apart;
And nothing is left unspoken.

The tales of friends throughout history,
Just like the gifts in the morn;
Leaves everything a mystery,
To be enjoyed and worn.

The holidays and friends are a good mix,
Just like jolly Saint Nick and Christ;
All that is required is you to take the trips,
To be with friends and eat food that's spiced

Tristin Allen is a high school student at the Robertson County School in Kentucky.