What Is Life and Death?

Azucena Garcia BarriosJune 2, 2021Life and DeathPoetry

Artwork by Arina Stetsiuk

When do you wake up in this play for the world?
Are we the actors making a play for the universe?
Or are we just living life?
Life is like a mountain that has its ups and downs.
Death is like a dry flower. No longer working.
Do we need to cry, to be happy in life?
Do you need to be old to die?
Life is one time. And you can’t repeat it.
Death is one time, and you can’t fix it.
Is life like a lonely tree,
or like a family of trees?

Can it be both?
Is death like a tired flower crying?
Or like a healthy strong flower being merry?

Azucena Garcia Barrios is an 11-year-old from San Pablo, California. She is interested in funny movies and graphic novels. She loves music, soccer, art,and dance. Azucena plays the violin and is teaching herself how to play piano. She has played violin since she was six, and piano since she was seven.