This Cycle of Endless Pain

Adya SarinMay 19, 2021Life and DeathPoetry
This Cycle of Endless Pain

Artwork by Miseng Kim


The sudden flash,
The crash,
A fleeting moment passes by,

The instant shock,
The walk,
Along the cemetery line


I see it all,
As I strike,
A blow,
So silent,
So quiet,
So slow

I plan it all
As I watch,
You know,
So patient,
So deadly,

Lives are taken,
And those I cannot control,
When they have been stolen,
By one of your own

All I can do
Is give one back,
Not to you,
But another of your pack

Only to watch
The youngling grow up,
In vain,
As it once again
Enters this cycle of painless pain

Adya is a 14-year-old student at the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India. You can normally find her reading a book or dancing. One of her favorite pastimes is playing with animals (especially her cat).