Anoushka PanganamamulaApril 15, 2021Life and DeathPoetry

I can
As I feel your scalpel
Carve into my marbled flesh
Engravings of love and joy

I can
As you allow my ears to blossom
With your gentle touch
Marring my thoughts with words of your pain

I can
As you serenade me
With tales of the past
And enchant me
With dreams of your future life

I can
Warm afternoons
Inside your studio
Laughing as your hands began sculpting
My clay twin

I can
As I feel your fingernails
Dig into my soft, gray skin
Longing for my touch

I can
As I watch your paper lips
Glow as they singe
And combust passionately

I can
As you can no longer bear
To see me
In front of you again

I can be
        created again

I can
For you

Anoushka Panganamamula is a 12th grade student from Hilliard, Ohio, who is interested in creative writing, piano, violin, biology, and astronomy. She also enjoys volunteering, cooking, traveling, mystery movies and books, and meeting new people.