Our Attitude toward Ukrainian Children

Natalia KuzminovaMay 17, 2021Life and DeathInterfaith Connections
Our Attitude toward Ukrainian Children

Babies and children are a no less significant part of the nation than adults.

Moreover, they are the most important part of us. The attitude of people toward the younger generation plays an essential role. I am a child of an ordinary Ukrainian family with two kids. I also attend a school with 2,000 students. Every day I may interact with a lot of them. That is why I have been thinking a lot, pondering the place a child occupies in the modern world. The influence of our community upon children is extremely important.

Parents in Ukraine, due to their busyness, often devote insufficient time to their babies. As a result, they have little contact with kids. In the morning, they go to work and bring them to kindergarten, and the whole day the child is in different surroundings. Thus, sometimes it happens that children are left to themselves, to play on their own, and there is no emotional contact.

It is necessary to give your baby the opportunity to try as many hobbies or activities as possible. Of course, the program of events should not be so intense that the child does not have time and energy for communication with peers. Most of the activities should be fun. As for me, our Ukrainian society is developing and improving each year, but there is no limit to perfection. Childhood education is one of the most important aspects our country should never stop improving. How we value children's contributions and behavior, and their guaranteed rights, implies a lot about their position in society. Children have the fundamental rights of citizens from constitutional, federal, and state laws. In Ukraine, after the child is born, it has the right to a safe environment, good nutrition, health care, and education. Parents must meet the basic needs of their children.

The attitude of Ukrainian parents toward their children seems to be a crucial problem. First, the wrong impact on little children (when parents make the kid feel guilty, or less significant compared to other people) can cause serious mental difficulties in the future. Sometimes parents criticize youngsters when they make mistakes or are not able to do what others expect from them. This produces a lack of confidence in themselves. These problems in my motherland do not appear just like that. Always remember how actions from the community or even from parents can backfire.

Second, parents in Ukraine should understand that the relationship between partners plays an equally important role. All those arguments and negative emotions leave an imprint on young and unformed individuals. Patient, calm, life-loving parents teach their babies how to behave correctly through emotions. It is also important to support the kid financially and psychologically. Whenever the child has some difficulties he/she naturally looks for help from the parents. Financial help manifests itself in the construction of good kindergartens and elementary schools, because it is there that the child's personality is formed. Patient and erudite tutors are not less important. Suitable collective formation plays a significant role because that is the first unknown surrounding for the child. The child adopts and absorbs the environment like a sponge, regardless of good or bad qualities.

Children have no perception of the world, so they are open to new inventions, discoveries, and scientific and psychological breakthroughs. In my opinion, in the best-case scenario, they should take part in the development of the country and bring something fresh and progressive. As for me, we are losing the opportunity for novelty! The right attitude toward children and well-being among the community will encourage them to find their personalities, destinies, and even styles. Depending on how they adapt to this hard and sometimes dishonest world, it will undoubtedly impact us for a few decades. Do adults see the potential for the future in children? Have you ever thought about the contribution from adults to babies? I think adults should do something to improve this situation, primarily by giving children the right conditions for their development.

Underappreciation is much worse when it happens to a kid, ignoring the fact that the child is growing, developing, and striving to master new things. Then, children are not confident in their abilities, and they will not reach the highest point of success. Low self-esteem can be caused by bullying at school, bad surroundings, and even lack of attention from the parents. This happens most often in the teenage period, but all the problems begin in early childhood, sometimes subconsciously. The result of this is the inhibition of development. This can be avoided. For example, when children reveal their feelings and fears to you, do not deny them, do not try to correct them, do not give unnecessary advice, and do not use this as an opportunity to lecture them about their experiences. Children need to feel understood and accepted by their parents. Often underestimating the importance of the child's feelings leads to hyperactivity, defiance, and behavior problems.

Every Ukrainian family should think about their child as a person with their own interests and needs, provide the right to choose, be there at a difficult moment, and of course, value the child's health above all. I think that we need more educational courses, which provide qualified help in correct parenting in our country. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but not every piece of advice is suitable for a certain situation. That is why consulting a professional may be an excellent way out for Ukrainian families. And last but not least, there is one final question to think about: "How are the children and their lives valued in your community?"

Natalia Kuzminova is an 11th grader in Kiev, Ukraine. She is keen on making different types of sweets and reading novels and detective stories. She loves drawing with oil paints.