Life Is a Darling Thing

Nanyee LinApril 8, 2021Life and DeathPoetry

Artwork by Dimitriy Uvchenko, age 16

Artwork by Dimitriy Uvchenko

Life is a darling thing
Kids gather leaves and tree branches and pebbles
Savor them like precious jewels
Admire the ever-changing clouds
Fascinated by every little thing

Life is a hopeful thing
A girl sits in the lab all day working with a professor
Her eyes are brightly lit like shooting stars
Eager to perform his work
She believes she can change the world

Life is a pointless thing
A boy sits in the classroom all day doodling in his books
The teacher is teaching history while giving him the looks
Droopy-eyed, there’s no passion in his blood
All he ever wanted is to become a designer

Life is a poisonous thing
A man is sick of all the suffering
Little by little, his optimism is deteriorating
He no longer sees life as darling and hopeful
He is now buried under the fear of failure and losing loved ones and death
But now he no longer fears Death
He opens the door and embraces it
Throughout his life, he has beaten nothing
Now he can say that he has beaten Death

Nanyee Lin is a 17-year-old living in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys listening to different types of music and sometimes plays them with her guitar. She is also a huge "Potterhead" and has memorized every Harry Potter spell by heart.