They Are All Around Us

Ayana JhalaSeptember 1, 2020Fun and CreativityPoetry
They Are All Around Us

Artwork by Soham Deshpande

Fun and creativity can come in different ways,
They could be painting a picture or playing with clay.

They are all around us waiting to be discovered,
They come in different forms

And everyone has their own perception of it,
For me they are a room full of colors waiting to be used.

Or the way my desserts come to life,
Or the way a book broadens my horizon.

They are deeper than you know
And more than you see.

That’s what Fun and Creativity mean to me

Ayana Jhala is 10 years old and lives in Ahmedabad, India. She is passionate about reading and enjoys wave boarding and playing football. She aspires to be an author someday.